6 comments on “Zofran – A MOTHER’S STORY

  1. I took Zofran during my pregnancy, I was nervous but I had so many women tell me their babies were fine I assumed I was fine as well. My son is supposedly Autistic but I don’t know that I believe them because he is 3 and can already almost fully read books for about 5 year olds. Not sure if it had anything to do with his stuff. He also has a gene abnormality but it’s rare and they don’t know what it causes. I do not agree with most medications though cause big pharma are crooks. Sorry to hear about your hard journey, I know how that feels in a sense. God bless you all 🙂

  2. I also took this drug with my first son, and he has a lot of issues that I now wonder if they where caused by this drug? He has severe anxiety, ocd, what some think is dyslexia, but a defenate learning disability, and odd stomach problems. He is almost 15 now, he struggles daily with theses symptoms and problems! It has been along road with him! He has other issue with cordnation. He was an extremely fussy baby! He could never sleep or stay asleep, he still struggles with sleep! As a baby he was never content! U could always tell he was in some kind of discomfort! He had his appendix out at age 8 we thought that might help his stomach problems he had been struggling with all his life but it did not! Doctors have no idea why he is so sick everyday?

  3. hello i am very interested in helping wit this and maybe getting some help for myself. I was pregnant and recently lost my baby back in february. I was diagnosed with hyperemesis and was given zolfran/ondansetron almost everyday whenever i was allowed to get it and i was told refusely that it was safe for me and baby. my son died because of too many birth deffects and abnormalities and everyone of them is described as being a side effect of this drug. Ive been looking for more stories and information about this before i pursue a lawyer. My name is Tamara and I am a 25 year old from Fernie BC

    • Tamara, I am so sorry. That is heartbreaking. I don’t know of any class action suits in Canada at this time (for Zofran). There is one currently in the U.S., but Canadians can’t be part of it from what I understand. Take it to a lawyer. Find someone who’s willing to do something about this. Yours is not a unique occurrence. This happens a lot. Again, Tamara. I’m so very sorry.

  4. I had the same thing happen to me because I took Zofran my second month of being pregnant. How about they kept prescribing it to me. When I was finally seen by my OBGYN he asked me to stop taking them but it was too late. I am a hypertension gravitation. I did not find that out until after I had my baby girl. I lost weight my pregnancy I was always miserable. My baby girl would not let me eat. At 28 weeks I was rushed into the hospital. My blood pressure was high and my baby was having irregular heart beat, she also was not getting oxygen to her brain. I had he later that week and She was born with a Meconium Plug Syndrome. My baby was in the NICU for four months. I am trying to get a lawyer who will really represent me. I did contact GlaxoSmithKline but they have not gotten back in touch with me about my complaint so what I need now is a lawyer. This was just a year ago. Do you have any suggestions about What lawyer I need. My baby will be one next month and she is not walking, crawling, Rolling, holding up her head on her own. Oh did I mention while she was in the hospital they let fluid run on my baby brain and now she might have Cerebral Palsy with everything she already has going on. I need guidance!!!

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