41 comments on “Risperdal – A Canadian Story

  1. my son ook it for about 10 years and now has paranoia and anger issues he was diagnosed with adha ocd learning disability and behavorial disorders and also took clonidine with Risperdal can someone help me my son is now 21 and I still have to ake care of him cause he acts like he is 15 still

    • Resperidone or Resperidal kills cells in the frontal lobes (neo-cortex) so it would impact on behavior greatly. No wonder your son was given a drug that destroys important parts of the brain for normal behavior.

    • This medication destroys brain tissue in the frontal lobes, the neo-cortex. Yes, where we think and have emotions. It is a chemical lobotomy. It is used by some bad doctors to punish people or destroy personalities. There is a good remedy for it. It is a popular remedy for brain functions. It stimulates circulation thus healing of the frontal lobes. It can be taken with the poison medication to avoid brain damage. Gingko Biloba really works. It should take away the anger and the mood swings. Buy it at a drug store in the supplement section. Nature’s Bounty makes a good product. Only 2 capsules a day.

  2. I took this stuff and it wrecked my libido. Is there any hope for recovery that you know of? if so please e-mail me some information. If not… i guess I’ll just live with it.

    • Hi Matt. I’m so sorry to hear that. I don’t know much about the recovery of this, but if I were you, I’d keep searching for answers – especially in the natural health community. This is all relatively new, these disastrous side effects of psych. drugs, but I’ll bet someone will come up with an answer. Good luck to you. If I do hear of a recovery for this, I will email you okay?

      All the best,

  3. My son was given Risperdal from a psychiatrist at a hospital to help with ADHD. Luckily I stopped this medication against his father, school and doctor’s demands once I began to notice changes in him. Unfortunately a little too late as he developed Gynecomastia. Instead of making him feel like a “freak”, I took him in and allowed one side pierced. Once the “milk” dried up, he was fine and now sports shiny “bling”. Joseph is now taking this to the courts for the class action suit. I am glad. Companies like this need to stop using us and our children as guinea pigs for their drug testing.

  4. I have Insomnia, Nightmares, Pain, and the list just goes on I was laughed at for saying I had tardive dyskineasia by my nurse and she even asked me to explain the muscle movement so I left her office, after the forced drug. It has also had an effect on my interests in terms of libido and the hunger from it has caused weight gain, sounds like they are going to try to rewrite history in the future to make our psychiatric past and present seem successful to the public who have no subjective experience and dont care to ask the hard questions. people need to care about each others lives or else we are destined to be abused. the mental health have abused the substance of the brain.

  5. I took risperdal at age 11 and my breast got swollen and I began lactating. I also had a large lump underneath my left breast. My family doctor took me off of it right away and after seeing a specialist I was told the large lump was actually a third breast with real breast tissue underneath. It even had a nipple. I was prepped for surgery right away. It was an traumatizing experience. I have a large scar that I have to live with. Not to mention the bullying that I endured. I haven’t heard about any females that have grown an extra breast from risperdal. Im hoping someone can lead me in right direction with my next step.

    • Hi,

      I’m very sorry to hear you had to endure that. Did you try to contact Mr. Prodor, the lawyer in British Columbia who’s bringing a Class Action Suit? I’d definitely try that.

    • Me too and it made me feel like I was starving all the time. I gained weight quickly. It was scary. It’s not just men that are affected by this nightmare drug.

  6. I took this drug for BED. It made me fat. This was in my pecs too and I stopped swimming. I took Spirolactone and got painful gynomastic hard masses in complete man breasts. This happened between 2006 and 2009. I take neither of these anymore, but I still have the residual breasts. I am 48 years old.

    • It sure is! I’ve talked to that lawyer’s office and just got the package they send me today. Thankfully I’ve taken all the weight off again.

    • Good for you Gibber!! You have been in communication with the lawyer – Mr. Podor? That’s fantastic. Please keep me updated. I’m very interested in seeing what happens.

    • They said it’s already been a ten year process and it will continue to be a very long process but they want to hear from anyone male of female who’ve been affected. They are in talks with the lawyers in the states who’s cases have been won. I encourage anyone affected to contact them. They’re great and really kind.

    • This is really good to know. You’re the first person (that I know of) who actually contacted the lawyer’s office. I know that these cases can take forever. I believe that that’s what the drug companies count on. It costs everyone so much time and money and they have plenty of both.

      Good for you Gibber.

    • Thanks even if it only helps others that were more seriously affected it’s worth it to call. I haven’t opened my package from them yet as I just got home, but I’ll let you know what it says when I do. 🙂

  7. My 9 year old has been on 2.5mg risperdone despite permanent dyskinesia of the face and jaw as well as gynocomastea among other problems. I’m in bc. I’m finding no one to help me and a lack of any resources for mental health in children that are anything other than a good idea which never comes thru. I’m currently not able to d/c or taper these medications….lthere are four brain changing big medication in a child. He has attempted suicide over 6 times and most recently I spent 18 hours advocating and begging in an ER post-attempt. I’m told to see his psyc in two weeks regardless of side effects. The general consensus was liability and lack of resources. I’m desperate.

  8. “These drugs impair the brain specifically by blocking the transmission to the frontal lobes of the brain…..When you give one of these drugs (Risperdal, Seroquel, Zyprexa etc.) you reduce the personhood with these drugs, even more profoundly than with the stimulant drugs (Ritalin, Adderall, Dexedrine etc.)”.

    “You disable their brains. It’s a chemical lobotomy and that’s NOT a metaphor – that’s a fact”.

    Dr. Peter Breggin – From one of the recent Posts at the top left of this page. – SO, YOU WANT A LOBOTOMY ! It will make you understand how bad the side effects of Resperdal are aside big breasts on men !!!

    • I was forced to take Risperdal and Nortriptyline for 10 years as a child. I was healthy, athletic and very smart. Grade three my parents started to force me to take these medications after a visit to a doctor in Edmonton, Alberta. During the next few years my weight had nearly doubled. My activity level plummeted and my ability to concentrate on even the simplest math problems went away within the first year. I can barely finish the most simplest algebra questions, despite making it to grade Twelve. I didn’t graduate as I suffered a major mental breakdown just before Christmas of ’06. I then started to research the chemicals I was coaxed and forced into taking as a child and immediately began to wane myself off of them. In doing so I was kicked out of my home and ignored by my family for almost 5 years. I was threatened with juvenile imprisonment by my mother and stepfather (If i didn’t take the medication) through out my entire preteen and teenage life, and was treated as a mentally ill and unstable student at school throughout middle school and high school. Alongside abnormal breast growth (I am male), I have no libido, a complete lack of empathetic emotion. I have major anger issues that I do my utmost to keep in check and order. Aside from these things and many others my own mother flat out refuses to accept any responsibility for her actions towards my mental health and my lack or neural development, even though I had numerous times expressed total fear of the changes occurring to my body and mind, it was all ignored. She has never even said she was sorry in earnest. I remember vividly the last day I felt empathy and true emotion. I still experience fear and basic emotions but anything complex is beyond. If this lawsuit thing is still open I am going to use to my full advantage. I’m calling this place as soon as I have a phone to use. I barely have the skills to support myself mentally and have on more than one occasion found myself homeless and not fully understanding why.

  9. Yeah, I was on an injectible form of this drug, and I put on 70-80 pounds, with man-breasts. Lost my ability to read for 2 years. I probably have diabetes by now. This drug ruined my life.

    I was told that there are no side effects.

    If there was any justice in this world, people like me should be able to sue for millions of dollars.

  10. I joined the respiradal lawsuit in Ontario. Does anyone know what the average settlement is? I have not heard from them in a year.

    • The lawsuit it seems is only for those who grew man breasts. That kind of sucks given many others both male and female have suffered other adverse side effects.

  11. I was in a car accident where i suffered brain injury may 19 2001 i was told i may not graduate the following year when i proved them wrong and found out how different of a person i was and rehabilitated far better than anticipated being 17 at the time of injury but because so little was known and everything i said not listened to by anyone whether doctors specialists or care givers i lived on my own for two years but sgi who are my insurance company who i trusted and depended on forced me on rispiridone within days noticed problems just because i was upset about losing my life not only once but twice now was put in care homes after i constantly tried my best to prove i do not need care or medication i have been away hiding really from those we are supposed to trust in i need to know if a class action suit is the best thing being how so many things contribute that i had no control over what legal avenues are out there i still have a months dose from 2009 to prove what i am saying is in government records in saskatchewan

  12. Nightmare drug. Every single day, why do I feel this way? Like there is a hole in my head, with nothing to say. Who did this to me, I’ll get them, I say. Why am I so docile, aren’t I supposed to be angry in a way? One month on Risperdal fried my limbic system and likely took out my frontal cortex. How did this happen to me. Why? Why doesn’t anyone care? Ouch, why do I feel this way? It’s like someone punch ‘the observer’ in my mind and the eye is all swollen. The source of awareness is injured and projects pain. God, what unnatural suffering I feel. Every single day

  13. I am a nurse, and I have seen this drug prescribed for perfectly healthy people, knowing what I know about the crookedness of pharm and medical facilities, I have purposefully dumped this dangerous drug into the toilet on many occasions, my patients have suffered long before I came along, but I am not going to add to their suffering.

  14. I was prescribed this drug at 17 years old with early onset schizophrenia. I ballooned up in weight and grew breasts, which I have to this day at 39 years old. I am part of the class action but have yet to receive compensation or info about the state of the case. After getting the required information from my old psychiatrist that I was indeed taking risperdal, he wrote risperdone over the prescription from Walmart Pharmacy. I just want an apology from the people responsible. I went to the hospital for help, and I left sicker than I was to begin with and obese with breast tissue. I was originally 147lbs at 6’2″. The lawyer asked for pictures but my family have none since I didn’t want any of me, because of the breasts. I explained to my dr and my parents that the medication didn’t work, and the dr would tell my parents it was because I wasn’t taking it. Its a big scam. I’ve taken all medication prescribed to the best of my ability, was part of a study on early onset schizophrenia, and allowed myself to be tested with medication that was about to be released to find some sort of relief. I now understand that it was my own fault for trusting the Psychiatrist to begin with now that I’m older. I know how vulnerable people are from my own experience and talking to others affected with mental illness. It’s no wonder why people are suffering and acting out, when there’s little being done to address someones illness. It takes years, not months to help someone with mental illness. Pills are the first thing to address mental illness, when in my opinion it should be psychology, yet that isn’t covered in most cases. I’ve still to this day not have my original pain to becoming schizophrenic addressed, nor has any psychiatrist asked. I tell them whats on my mind, and wait to talk another three months, six months doesn’t really matter nothing is solved. My family is frustrated, my friends that i have don’t understand either and don’t like to talk about it. It’s easier for them to tease me for having breasts and being obese than is to offer support. I live in a residence for people that need assisted living, and try to maintain some normality in my life. working, proper sleep, etc. It isn’t easy but there is a lot expected of me from my peers. Sometimes I feel like taking my life to find relief, but my Christian faith forbids me. I thought at first that the lawsuit was Gods way of making things right, now I know that was a delusion. When you lack the education to prescribe you lack the education to understand what you are taking. I am part of a study, and I hope that it helps the people that are suffering with early onset schizophrenia. It came at a cost that I was never compensated for, nor do I believe I ever will be. To those that are, please donate back to mental health so that it can be improved.

  15. I am very sorry to hear this. You are not alone – this is a very bad drug. Just want to say that one should never donate back to mental health. There can be no improvement on a practice – psychiatry – that has no basis in medical science. Psychiatry destroys peoples lives, I would never give them money.

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