1. No. This is the story of an American Citizen who has been made the victim of Numerous junk medical acts which are Already Prohibited By US Federal Law, and Unlawfully BILLED to the US Tax Payers.

    We have money to allow Psychiatric Charlatans, excuse me, Buffoons, to literally beat the daylights out of Laura and countless others while we’re $17 Trillion in Debt, and those same Buffoons have NOW, in San Francisco, BILLED the public to hand out “Penis Shaped Stress Toys” to San Francisco’s homosexuals.

    For Chrissakes, Where does it end?

    What happened to Laura and tens of thousands of other American Citizens is not a Story.

    It’s a Crime Wave.

    And rather than Stop It, we’re now buying Dildos for San Francisco’s homosexuals?

    If you or anyone else can locate an actual picture of one of these SFDPH “Penis Shaped Stress Toys” will you Please drop a link in my comment box?

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