1. Great blog piece! Yes, leave them alone. While there may be some extremely troubled kids that may benefit from extreme interventions, these general screening initiatives will undoubtedly mean that many more “normal” kids will be diagnosed & stigmatized with mental illness, and treated with useless and often dangerous psychotropic medications – often for life.

    Neil Carlin

    • Exactly right Neil. It’s absolutely absurd. I know that there are teachers, principals, counselors , case workers etc. out there who feel this isn’t right, yet they go along with it. Maybe they just need someone to start the ball rolling and then they’ll speak up. The tide has to turn.

  2. Great post Lori. Drugging kids has now become part of the school curriculum. Double ‘History’ on a Monday morning has now turned in to double check to see if a kid failed the pre-screen test. School dinners were poor when I was a kid but I’d rather eat a thousand school dinners than swallow the amphets these quacks dish out.

  3. Pushing drugs to children: totally immoral, totally illegal…unless you’re the Mental Health Commission of Canada.

  4. This scam to drug our children is just another part of the “Legal? Drug Cartel’s” (Eli Lilly, Jansen, Merck, etc.) plans to put more dealers on the streets and create more addicts. They don’t care about the percentage of losses due to Suicide, Murder, imprisonment, Serotonin Syndrome Deaths, etc…. Even if this results in a 20% loss of revenue. That still leaves them with an 80% increase in profits with the number of drugged children growing by 100% or more every 5 years or so.
    Unless these Pushers are exposed and taken down generations of young minds will be lost to the insane idea that childhood is a disease that needs to be cured.
    The enemy has covertly invaded every level of government and society throughout the world. It’s time to take the War On Drugs to these Dealers of Death!

    • You are so right Michael, it is criminal beyond measure. I went to your blog and read. I am so very sorry for your loss. We need to keep up the pressure by any means possible to stop what’s going on, too many young lives lost for the love of money.

    • Thank you for your condolences. As time goes by while we try to give purpose to Jonathan’s death with our jonnyslaw web-site it’s comforting to know that care and understand our pain.
      I appreciate you taking the time to visit our site. I hope that our story, information, and perspective can serve to inspire you and others to stand up and make their voice be heard so that this continuing destruction of humanity can become a part of history instead of the reality that we live with.

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