1. This is a great article and points out the agenda by Psychiatry to expand its influence on future generations by first labeling and then drugging them to “manage” the symptoms, which are normally a nutritional or physically malady.

    What is probably not known is that the Toronto School Board receives additional funding for children that are labeled with “special needs” and thus their introduction and use of these surveys is to widen the net for additional funding. A breach of trust to parents, children and their own responsibilities – to teach. This is a perversion of the trust given them and they should be reigned in to stay on their own purpose. They are not medico’s and they know very little about mental health. Thier time is better spent teaching our children, not putting them into a future of drugs, mental health labels and
    lining their pockets on these children.

    Bravo on the article and exposing the pharmaceutical and psychiatric ties for profit – with our children!


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