1. Thanks. Gross Negligence? It goes beyond negligent and it’s Way beyond Gross.

    Read the US Federal Racketeering Statutes 18C95 Sec 1958

    I just explained Sec 1958 at Leoni’s.
    Here’s for Your readers.

    Sec 1958 specifically criminalizes the use of Interstate Commerce Facilities in the commission of murder for hire.

    1: Are Interstate Commerce Facilities in the US being used to distribute Psychiatry’s drugs?
    Yes (commercial trucking, air freight, rail, UPS etc, & using US mail, electronic mail to bill, pay for the product, pay the employees, Should have the US Postal Service prosecuting under this statute as well as for Federal Mail Fraud.)

    2: Are people/employees being Paid/Hired to distribute the drugs using Interstate Commerce Facilities?
    3: Do the drugs cause Murder?
    4: Are the prescribers in possession of the Knowledge that the drugs cause Murders?

    In California, Risperdal requires registration with the Cal. State Police and every prescriber Knows it.

    The State Police don’t have time to concern themselves with Brain Death, Heart Attacks, or even Suicide.
    They DO concern themselves with murder/potential murder.

    No more proof is needed.

    And once you walk through the 1958 door you find the doors to sec 1957, 1956, and 1952 also unlocked.

    If we want the carnage reined in it has to be done by the Judiciary, because State Legislatures have enacted a slather of protectionist code which allows it to continue. Those State Codes must be overturned/voided which is what Any Judiciary in Any Country is Lawfully Empowered/Supposed to be doing unlike an activist pantload I got from a teacher of law who told me that the role of the judiciary is to create new institutions and invigorate old ones. (And you wonder How we All got stuck with these drug ghouls)

    To get any Court to even hear your gripe, you need a legal peg to hang it on. The fact that you got a raw deal is irrelevant. They’ll tell you, We’re Sorry, and yes life Is unfair, but we’re not empowered to make it our concern.”

    The Statute however is extremely specific as to what IS the Court’s concern/duty to address.

    The Statute doesn’t specify that the victim be identified by name or in any other fashion, only that the end result be murder. And while selling Suicide which is much more common by these drugs may also be described as selling the act of self-murder, the Statute doesn’t even require characterizing self-murder as an offense. It’s an additional legal hair which might be split-able here, though the Statute doesn’t require it to.

    If the people involved in any aspect of these drugs reaching the public sell them across State Lines without actually Walking them down the freeway in cardboard boxes, then there Are grounds and Courts do have jurisdiction to at least Hear the argument.

    The Racketeering Laws are the direct consequence of behaviorist Social Engineering. In America the 18th Amendment criminalized alcohol. Bootleggers grew into very rich organized crime syndicates by providing alcohol. When the 21st Amendment repealed the ban those crime syndicates had scads of money which they put into other illegal activities, and Congress created the Racketeering Statutes to suppress the crime syndicates that the prohibition of alcohol created.

  2. How are we supposed to taper “under supervision”?
    I can only do it on my own. When I asked for help with it, the doctor wanted to “add a little bit of Abilify”!
    I write notes to myself: You feel bad because you are in withdrawal. It will be over before long.
    Because otherwise I might start to believe them again.
    There is nothing wrong with my brain.
    My list of diagnoses went from schizophrenia to paranoia to chronic undifferentiated schizophrenia to schizotypal PD to schizoaffective to bipolar personality disorder.

    If I had never seen a psychiatrist I would never have had any of these labels or the hundreds of pills and the almost ruined life.
    I am still tapering. On. My. Own.

    • I’m so sorry to hear that. I understand it’s extremely hard to come off these drugs. Have you gotten into communication with someone who’s been through this already? They may be able to help you or at least put you in the right direction. There’s Seroxat Sufferers Stand Up And Be Counted (website) or Prozac Withdrawal Blogspot.

      Also, they are getting great results over at Truehope Nutritional Products. They help you every step of the way. They have a phone in help centre there also. I’m pretty sure that all the people in the help centre have been in the same boat as you, so they know what they’re talking about.

      Good luck to you and if I can be of any assistance, please let me know.


  3. Dear Lori,

    My psychiatrist suggested that I sign up for True Hope to aid my bipolar disorder eight years ago. I then started consuming enormous quanitities of overpriced vitamins and supplements in addition to my regimen of three psychotropic drugs. True Hope would periodically call me as “support” and prod me for recommendations and testimonies for their product(s). They never gave me the idea that the drugs were my problem. After a year or so, I eventually quit their vitamins and continued on my drug spiral with new and worse cocktails for another seven years.

    • I’m really sorry to hear that Emily. I have spoken with a few people who said it saved their lives. I hope you were able to get off these drugs.

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